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In which I have nothing nice to say. At all.

So, in what is possibly the last update of the year, Iím going to just be myself. You know what that means. Iím going to whine like whiningís going outta style.

First news: Somebody hit my motherfucking car. The last car I had got hit three times, which was the charm. The third accident totaled the poor thing, and I replaced it May a year ago. Itís dark in my parking garage, so I never see anything. When I was walking back to my car from the dry cleaners today, I noticed a dent. It kinda looked like maybe my car door was just shaped like that. You know what I mean. So I went to the passenger side and took a look. Nope, not shaped like that at all. So then I bent down for a closer look and saw a blue bumper streak all the way through the dent. You know who has a blue car? The assholes who park right next to me in the parking garage. G-d. Who hits your car, leaves a dent the ENTIRE length of your door, and doesnít leave a note? That, my friends, is Ballsy. Now I have to figure out who that actually is next to me, and accuse them, which they will totally deny. I mean, wouldnít you, if you didnít leave a note? Once you had time to think about it? What a shit you are, I mean. Wouldnít you totally back that up with lies? So now, when I move to NY, instead of selling a pristine vehicle, I will now be selling a dented vehicle. Itís just all so fantastic. Makes me want to throw up from the joy I feel.


Also, work is a complete mess. I canít really go into details, and you donít really care anyway, but letís just say theyíre replacing the old, kind of dickish, experienced guy with a fun new guy who DOESNíT HAVE A FREAKING CLUE. So we have about 2 weeks to put together 6 HOURS of programming, and heís still trying to figure out who to call to get us a VCR at the desks weíre using. Nice. The old guy? Had all the contacts in town. All the people called him directly to get shit done. The new guy? Wants to book musical acts for our show that we already canít afford. Dude. The week before the show Iím going to move into my cubicle and just live there 24/7. He brought in an entire team of people that have never worked at our company before, and wow. Theyíre doing the best they can, but itís just a HUGE mess. The only upside I can see is that probably, when weíre done with this current show, weíll all be fired so new guy can bring in ALL his own people, and they can all try to figure out whatís happening together, and it wonít be my problem any more.

And yes, Iím Jewish, but maybe I just want a free day off on Monday. Maybe? I get that itís not my holiday, and I have nowhere to be. Except that Monday actually IS my holiday, when itís not yours anymore, so maybe YOU should go into work, and I should stay home and enjoy MY holiday. I canít help it if YOURS fell on a weekend this year.

People suck. The world kinda sucks, and I just want someone to buy me some food and some drink and then leave me the hell alone. We wonít even talk about the roommate situation and nonsense.

And for the love of G-D, stay the fuck away from my car.

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5:08 p.m. - 2005-12-23


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