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Happy Hanukah!

Happy Hanukah, everyone! Has it been a good one so far for you? Itís working for me. On the first night of the Festival of Lights, my friend M took me to see a screening of Vera Drake. When we got over to the lot, we learned that theyíd been unable to secure a print of the film. Huh. Thatís the kind of thing thatís really going to hold up a screening. So we took off, and just got some dinner. It was great sitting around, catching up, gossiping, and eating. What more could you ask for? I also had the opportunity to give M her wedding bowl, and she really liked it, so thatís good news. I always feel a little guilty getting people something thatís not from their registry, but itís a handmade wooden bowl! Itís pretty! And handy! And a bowl! You can put snacks in it!

Last night I ran home to catch the newest episode of Lost. It was a fun one! Way to go, Javi. Not a lot of plot advancement, but itís always good to get a little more backstory, and find out why Jackís mom was so pissed, and insisted that Jack go to Australia to find his dad. Iím still trying to figure out the names of the characters, and why some are named for historical characters. Anyone know? Iím a bit slow when it comes to these things. Iím totally creeped out by the abduction of Claire. EW! What do they want with the pregnant girl? And is she really carrying Rosemaryís Baby? Yick!

Tonight is my companyís big holiday party. These things have a tendency to go either very well or very poorly. Last yearís was pretty fun, surprisingly, with good food and free-flowing alcohol. Iím not a tremendous drinker, but I do appreciate the gesture. Itís always entertaining to me to see what people wear to these parties, and how they behave. Itís as though the whole party environment gives them permission to bring out their inner assholes. People get absolutely wasted and go bonkers. Relationships begin and end all on the same night. Executives get into fistfights. Itís totally bizarre.

This weekend I have no big plans yet, though I do hope to catch Oceanís 12, as it just looks like a ton of fun. My mom emailed yesterday to tell me to keep my eyes peeled for a package that may arrive on Saturday, so thatís something to look forward to. Mom got me some Hanukah presents while I was home, so I wasnít expecting anything else, but Iím just shallow enough to be thoroughly pleased about random presents.

This past Tuesday we had the first show in our cavalcade of awards shows for this season. The Grammy noms were announced, and we had to be in at 6 AM in order to cover it. Next week, I have to be in at 2.30 AM one day to cover the Golden Globe awards, and then I get a little break til next January 11. Iíve decided that covering the nominations announcements is a little silly. Is anyone up at that hour to watch? I really donít think so. Everyone that really cares gets the press release, and the rest of the world can read about it on the internet moments later. Itís a tremendous amount of work, time, and money to put into a show that doesnít really seem worthwhile at all. We could probably put that money towards our Red Carpet coverage, which I do think some people watch.

In talking with a lot of my friends that got laid off last week, many seem pretty ok with it. I mean, theyíre not happy about it, but itís fine. Itís the kick in the pants they needed to get out of this place and find something less painful to do. Some have found freelance positions here in the company to extend their stays a bit, which is good, while others will be moving on. A few are being wrung out til the end, forced to work on a last-minute project that will take them right up to their last days. I still think itís a pretty crappy thing to do, laying people off right before the holidays, but many are working their way through it, so I guess itís all going to be ok in the end.

Hopefully, next week, Iíll have some words for yíall on both The Aviator and Oceanís 12, providing my weekend comes together the way I hope! Also, Iíve always had a sort of a plan for this website, and I hope to put more effort into that in the coming weeks. Iíll let you know closer to if thereís anything to anticipate in that arena.

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12:24 p.m. - 2004-12-09


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